Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Tilley Hats - the Rolls-Royce of sun hats

Here in Leamington Spa we sell a whole host of outdoor equipment. From boots to gloves and jackets to backpacks, we know you’ll be able to kit yourself out for any outdoor activity. When it comes to hats though, use your head on the golf course and shelter your brow on the trail. Buy the best, buy the Rolls-Royce of hats - buy a Tilley Hat.

The Sun is coming out (again)

Now we should point out that every time we blog about the weather being hot, the sun gets scared and goes on holiday. We are going to put our neck on the line again though, and suggest that you need to protect your head from our elusive glowing friend in the sky. UV (Ultra Violet) rays are the main cause of skin cancer and the importance of protecting yourself from harmful rays is not news to any of us. But did you ever stop to think about your head? Especially if you’re of the age where your protective layer of hair is as elusive as the British sun?!

“Conceived in frustration and born of necessity”

The LTM5 Airflo® Tilley Hat Set up and still run by Alex Tilley, Tilley Hats have been the world’s best for decades. Designed out of sheer frustration at losing hats to sailing winds, the Tilley Hat is manufactured to the highest quality and guaranteed for life.
Tilley Hats are the best, and we have always stated that they are ‘the’ trekking hat. There aren’t many hats that come with a four-page owner’s manual! Not only that, but they come with a lifetime guarantee and they protect your head from harmful UV rays too (rated UPF 50+). They come in an array of sizes and styles and we just love the secret compartment for storing your keys or that all-important cash - keeping your valuables quite literally under your hat! To keep it from Mother Nature’s paws it is also designed to float on water and comes with easily hidden ties, so you can really keep your hat on even in the wildest of conditions.
Now Tilley Hats may be the best of the best, but that doesn’t mean they don’t like getting dirty, and with it being completely machine washable, you’ll have no excuse not to take it out on the trail. The dark underside of the hat’s brim ensures that glare from the sun is kept to a minimum, and the excellent water repellent material means you’ll stay dry should the wonderful British summer live up to its reputation.
We have a large range of Tilley Hats for all occasions in our Leamington Spa store, some even have tuck-away ear warmers for the cold easterly breeze and occasional snow storm (you have to be prepared outdoors in Great Britain!) All our Tilley Hats are covered by Tilley’s two-year loss insurance, and just like our boots, hats require the correct fit to ensure they provide the best experience and protection. Pop into Lockwoods to see our full range and try some on for size!

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